Photo by:  Krista Frank, DNR, Ouzel Falls,
Rocky Mountain NP

CORE Purpose

The Colorado Operations Resource Engine (CORE) is the statewide financial system built to consolidate the functions of Budget, Accounting, Grants, Inventory and Procurement units from across the State of Colorado under a user interface program that can integrate with other systems in a manner which enhances the progress of work within the State of Colorado. 

Helpful Tip 

Have you encountered problems accessing infoAdvantage through the CORE main screen?

It can be frustrating so follow the job, SAP Pop Up Error, for a resolution.

SAP Pop up box that will come up when accessing infoAdvantage.

Looking for information on the New CORE Upgrade?

Thanks to everyone who participated in our CORE Ops User Experience Survey!  We received some great feedback that we are analyzing!  Check back for updates on changes we implement because of you!

The Open/Close Calendar

The Open/Close Calendar is your source for important dates, such as Period Open/Close, Escheatment, Labor Allocation, Mass Depreciation, and CORE System Maintenance. The calendar can be found on the Fiscal Rules & Procedures website.

Screenshot of Colorado Office of the State Controller Fiscal Rules and Procedures

CORE Support

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our team has shifted to working remotely.