Creating, Modifying and Disabling a UDOC

Coming Soon!

This webinar will go over the basics of creating a new user in CORE, modifying an existing user, adding foreign organization and disabling a CORE user.  This webinar is designed for Department CORE Security Administrators. You can download and read over what we will be covering HERE


Webinar Recordings

If you were unable to attend a live webinar event, no worries!  Below are links to our previous webinar events:


Webinar FAQ:

Q: What is the different between a webinar and online training?

A: Webinars will give a snap of an overview of a particular area, and will not go in-depth. Online training courses is more of a deeper dive and will go more in-depth on the topic of interest.

Q: Where can I find a recorded webinar that I missed?

A: All webinar recordings can be found below.  For other training opportunities, please leverage online training, job aids and FAQs available for each topic of interest.


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