How do I resolve “modification” errors on a new version of a Solicitation Response (SR)?

The following errors will appear after attempting to validate an updated Solicitation Response (SR) document, if the Solicitation has already closed.

To address these errors, you will need to navigate to the “Modification Authorization” section of your SR.

Once there, fill in the available fields with the following information:

  • Reason: Enter a reason for modifying your SR document (ex: wrong bid information entered on original document).
  • Authorized on: Enter the date of the Modification.
  • Authorized by: Enter the name (first and last) of the person who approved the Solicitation modification. If the corrected information was submitted by the Vendor, enter their name. If you entered the original information incorrectly, enter your name.
  • Auth Method: Enter the method of authorization in this field (ex: email, phone, etc.) If the original information was entered incorrectly and the modification is being made to make a correction to that information, enter “Self” in this section.