How do I let vendors know about specific updates I have made to a Solicitation?

ColoradoVSS sends notification emails to Vendors if an amendment has been made to a Solicitation, however, specific information about the changes are not included in the email. ColoradoVSS does display these updates to Vendors, but the way it is presented is rigid and non-specific.

To address these limitations, use the free text field called “Additional Information” in CORE.

When documenting your changes in this field (located in the header of your Solicitation), apply a time/date stamp to each entry so that Vendor’s know when each change was made. Once the Solicitation is published to ColoradoVSS, the information entered in CORE will be passed to the “Additional Information” tab in ColoradoVSS.

CORE entry:

ColoradoVSS entry:

The “Additional Information” section of ColoradoVSS is limited to 1,500 characters.