How do I correct a “Reserved Funding” value of “No” on a multi-year accounting line?

If a Reserved Funding setting of “No” is applied to an “Outyear” on a multi-year award document, any payments applied to that commodity line for the current year will also be applied to the “Outyear”, regardless of the PR08 event type and Budget Fiscal Year applied. A Reserved Funding setting of “Yes” keeps any payments from being made against these accounting lines until the Contract Roll process opens them up for payments in the year identified in the Budget Fiscal Year field.

If you have established an “Outyear” with a Reserved Funding setting of ‘No’, to correct your accounting line IF no payments have already been made against them:

1) Review your “Outyears” and confirm that no payments have been made against those lines. This will be reflected in a 0 amount in the Line Closed Amount sections of your accounting line

2) Open a new version of your document, then manually update the Reserved Funding setting from ‘No’ to ‘Yes’.

3) Apply this change to all lines that need it, then validate your document, make any adjustments needed to any other errors that need them, and submit your document for approval.

If a payment has already been applied against an “Outyear” accounting line, then you will see an amount in the Line Close Amount fields:

The system will also allow you to update the Reserved Funding selection to “Yes” in these instances to ensure no further payments are made against the line.