What CORE documents are used in the Grantee module?

The following documents will be utilized: Grant Opportunity (GTOP), Grant Application (GTAP), and the Grant Award (GTAW) and are required for discretionary/competitive grant applications from federal AND private/foundation funds and optional for all other grants.

Also included in the Grantee module are: Grant Amendment (GTAM), Grant Close-out/Audit (GTCO), Grant Opportunity Revision (GTOPR), Grant Application Revision (GTAPR), Grant Award Revision (GTAWR), Grant Amendment Revision (GTAMR), Grant Close-out/Audit Revision (GTCOR), Grant Response Document (GTRE), Status Folders (GTOPSF, GTAPSF, GTAWSF, GTAMSF, GTCOSF, GTRESF), Grant Available Opportunity Summary (GTAOS), Grant Available Opportunity Detail (GTAOD), and Grant Summary (GRNTSUM). These documents are optional and may be used for tracking any type of grants.