Error Message A1631 (Funding Profile Cannot Be Inferred for Accounting Line ##)

Error Message A1631 typically means that the Cost Accounting Setup is not complete for a specific program. The following tables need to be checked in order to find out which table is not set up correctly:

  • MJPRG Table: Confirm that the Reimb Budget is set up as 39 (grant) or 40 (project) and Split Type is Front End Split (which are found under the "General Options" drop-down menu). Phase is needed in the coding if Reimb Budget is 40 and Program Period is needed for both Reimb Budget 39 and 40.
  • PROG Table: Confirm that Reimbursement Eligible flag is checked in the "General Information" section.
  • Funding Profile Tables need to be set up correctly with "Eligible" being selected as the Reimb Eligible option. FP12 is needed for programs with phases, FP15 is needed for programs without phase or task, and FP16 is needed for programs requiring tasks.
  • FPRFLST Table: Confirm that the Reimb Eligible flag is checked under the "Reimbursement Options" drop-down menu.
  • If an activity is used, the Reimb Eligible Flag for the activity in the ACTV table needs to be checked.