Spring Job Aid-FAQ Updates

Following are all the Job Aids and FAQs that have been created or updated recently (FAQs are in italics). Check out all of our Job Aids and FAQs on our CORE website.

Accounts Payable

Creating an IN Document

Accounts Receivable

Completing a Referral to a Collection Agency

Recording a Payment Collected by a Collection Agency

Is the Billing Location required on all CACT Table Set-ups?

How do I Request a Billing Profile to be Created or Updated on the BPRO Table?

ADS Uploads

How do I request to have new ADS Templates added/created?

What is the difference between the Cash Receipt (CR) and 10XX Account Cash Receipt (CR10XX) ADS templates

How do I complete an ADS Upload?

Is there an option in CORE to upload a batch job instead of the individual ADS uploads that have the 200 rows?

How do I resolve ADS Upload errors?


How do I Resolve Error Message A5000?

Cost Accounting

What are the event types used for CHC documents and why would I use a CHC document instead of a JVC document?

How can I add a new event type to JVC/CHC documents?

Fiscal Year End

What are the Fiscal Year Period Close Dates?

Why are ABDL created?

Why do we need to update ABDL lapse exceptions documents?

Fixed Assets

Creating a FA for Fixed Asset Acquisition

Processing a FA Shell Document – Finalizing Fixed Asset Acquisition

Processing a FA Shell Document - Unpending the Fixed Asset Shell Job Aid

Creating a FA for a Memo Asset

Creating an FD for Disposition - Trade-ins

Creating an FE for Manual Depreciation

Creating a FI or FA for Fixed Asset Betterments

Creating a FM to Modify the Custodian of a Fixed Asset

Creating a FM to Modify Location of a Fixed Asset

Creating a FM to Modify IT Fixed Assets Classification

Creating a FM to Modify the Useful Life of a Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets (cont'd)

Creating a FM to Record a Fixed Asset Warranty

Creating an FD for Disposition - Trade-ins

Creating an FT for Fixed Asset Transfer within the Same Fund

Creating a FAIT for Fixed Asset Interfund Transfer

What is a Fixed Asset (FA) SHEL (Shell) document?

General Accounting

How do I look up which Event Types and Posting Codes to use with a specific Document?

GAE Best Practices

Using a GAEC to Adjust a GAE

Using the Accounting Journal (JACTG) to Review Transactions

Creating an ITI for an Expenditure Reimbursement

Creating a Standard Journal Voucher (JV1STND)

Correcting a Cash Expenditure on a JV1STND

Correcting Collected Earned Revenue Using a JV1STND

Distributing Cash Receipts Using a JV1STND

Establishing Allowance for Bad Debt Using a JV1STND

Comparing JV1STND and JV1ADVN Documents

General CORE

Creating Recurring Transactions Using the Future Document Triggering Function

CORE Future Document Triggering Function Summary

Creating Reclassification CR/RE Documents Using Future Document Triggering

Is there a way to tell if a draft document has been permanently deleted from CORE?


Creating an Inventory Transfer TI and TR Document


How do I resolve the error message A159?

How do I create a Purchase Order (PO)?

How do I override the A4252 Error: Legal Name is different from the latest version of the document (A4252)

Can I modify or cancel a receiver document once it is created?

How do I create a Notice of Contractor’s Settlement in the same procurement folder as its associated Solicitation?

Procurement (cont'd)

How do I send email notifications to Vendors that are not registered for the Commodity Codes on my Solicitation?

Where can I find the solicitation batch processing schedule?

What do I do if I get an “Uncaught Exception: Null” error on my Solicitation?

How do I view questions about a Solicitation posted in ColoradoVSS and how do I answer them?

How do I cancel a Solicitation?

How do I create a re-solicitation after a solicitation has closed?

Why won’t validating and submitting my Evaluation (EV) document create my awards?

Reports (infoAdvantage)

Why didn't my scheduled report run?

Security and Workflow

How do I get access to CORE?

How do I setup, modify, or disable a user's access in CORE?

Can I have duplicate CORE User IDs?

Where can I locate the CORE Access Request Form?

Do I need to create a Change Order in CA to disable a CORE user's access?

How do I process a CORE User's Access who is transferring to another Cabinet? (ex: AAAA to JAAA)

How do I setup CORE access for an employee who has transferred to my department?

Who can approve or reject my document?

How do I see the complete approval history of a document?

How do I see what approval is needed for my pending document?

How do I see a list of users in my department who are able to override specific documents?

Why is the "Forgot Your Password" link not working for me in CORE?

How do I update my CORE Password, before it expires?

How do I resolve User Information exists for ## (Q0012) / User profile exists for ## (Q0013) / Directory information exists for ## (Q0011)?


Where can I locate available CORE Training?

Where can I find a recorded webinar that I missed?