Grantee (Incoming Grants)

CORE Grantee...GONE!

In 2017, CORE Grantee was launched as the required tool for agencies to submit their request to submit federal funding applications for approval by the Governor's Office. The Governor's Office will be creating a new process for agencies applying for federal funding that requires state matching funds beyond the department's current appropriations. The Office of State Planning and Budget (OSPB) will be developing more complete guidance, but in the meantime please work with your agency budget directors to notify your OSBP analyst with the following information:

If you have any grants currently pending in Grantee, no need to wait for approval, go ahead and submit your application. If the criteria described in bold above, please notify your OSBP analyst. If you have any questions about the upcoming process, please reach out to Edmond Toy, OSPB Chief of Staff.