General Accounting


General Accounting presents an approach for tracking and controlling all accounting transactions and balances within CORE. CORE provides all of the functionality necessary for management of accounting for revenues and expenditures and the maintenance of the general ledger account balances.The Process Groups that exist within the General Accounting functional area are:
Accounting Based Spending DocumentsAccrualsInternal TransactionsJournals and LedgersJournal VouchersNon Budgetary TransactionsSystem Table MaintenanceYear End Processes


GAE - Used to encumber budget authority for later internal or external purchases.

GAE / GAEC Documents

General Accounting Encumbrance (GAE) - Optional encumbrance document used with a GAX document to record budget restrictions when an award is not required.GA Encumbrance Correction (GAEC) - A document that allows for corrections on a GAE document.