Cost Accounting


Cost Accounting (CA) tracks and monitors Grants and Projects within CORE and provides all of the functionality necessary for the management and timely reimbursement of Grant and Project costs.Cost Accounting is the tracking of accounting events that are associated with a special purpose. The purpose could be defined by funding received from an outside entity (for example, a Federal award or third-party award) or the purpose could be grouping costs together for internally defined reasons, for example, a special spending initiative or specific costs incurred to provide a service. In many cases, Cost Accounting activity is tracked for purposes of billing an outside entity to reclaim some or all of the costs.Cost Accounting is fully integrated with other areas of CORE, for example:
General AccountingProcurementBudgetAccounts ReceivableAccounts Payable

CA Accounting Documents

JVC - The only Journal Voucher to correct activities for a Front End Split Program because Funding Profile, Funding Priority and Funding Line Information can be manually entered in the Detail Accounting section. CHC - Used to perform Cost Accounting corrections where Front End Split is automatically inferred from the Program.

CA Budget Documents

BGPDR - Used to create a revenue budget for a reimbursable grant in budget structure 39.BGG94 - Used to create an expenditure budget for a grant in budget structure 94.BGPHR - Used to create a revenue budget for a reimbursable project in budget structure 40.BGP93 - Used to create an expenditure budget for a project in budget structure 93.