How do I setup CORE access for an employee who has transferred to my department?

If you have an employee who has transferred to your Department, contact your CORE Security Administrator as soon as possible. If you do not know who this person is, check with your supervisor or department controller.

If you are the department appointed CORE Security Administrator, you will want to complete a UDOC to Modify a User.

  1. If the employee is coming from another Cabinet:

  • A new Statement of Agreement is required and must be attached to the new UDOC.

  • The user's account should have been disabled in CORE by their previous Security Administrator.

  • The gaining Security Administrator should use the CORE Document Catalog to ensure the employee's previous "Disable" UDOC has been finalized before initiating a new UDOC to reactivate this user.

Note: If the user's account has not been disabled, or if the user's UDOC is not yet Final, reach out to the employee's previous Security Administrator and request they resolve the situation.

  1. If an employee is simply being transferred within the same Cabinet, their account will not need to be disabled, only Modified.

  2. See the relevant Job Aids here for instructions on disabling a user and modifying or reactivating a user in CORE.

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