How do I resolve User Information exists for ## (Q0012) / User profile exists for ## (Q0013) / Directory information exists for ## (Q0011)? 

CORE users who transfer cabinets or departments must use the same user ID within CORE regardless of where or how many times they transfer.  You will need to make sure you’re selecting Update and not Add on the Header Tab.   If the CORE user has transferred from a different cabinet or department, you will want to complete a UDOC to modify a user.  

Screenshot of a UDOC on the header tab with the Update radio dial field circled in red with the field left blank. The User ID field is highlighted in red with nothing in the field.

You can find the job aid Completing a UDOC to Reactivate or Modify a User on the Security and Workflow page under the UDOC Entry and Approval Users section.

SW8 Job Aid - Completing a UDOC to Modify a User.pdf