Why is infoAdvantage connectivity slow?

There is a known issue with intermittent performance issues with infoAdvantage. Here are some tips you can try:

  • If the infoAdvantage report has run longer than 20 minutes, click Cancel on the retrieving data pop-up and try to run your report again.

  • Log out of all internet browser windows, clear your computer cache, and try running your report again.

  • If you are finished running your reports in infoAdvantage, please log out.

  • Limit your query to a smaller selection of data when running your infoAdvantage report (i.e., limit to one Department, Accounting Period, etc.)

If you are still experiencing issues with a report not running, please send the following details to CORE Help:

  • Report Location

  • Report Name

  • Prompts Used in the Report

  • Excel Output of the Report (Include Cover Page)

  • Indicate if you are experiencing this when running other reports.