What fields on an encumbrance will populate instructions to vendors on the document print page?

If you are trying to provide specific instructions to a vendor, there is a field available to enter text on the Default Shipping/Billing tab of a document’s Header page. The field in CORE is actually labeled “Shipping Additional Info” but is displayed as “Vendor Instructions” when the print page is generated (note, the instructions entered are by no means limited to just shipping or billing information).

CORE Location:

Header selected in Document Navigator with General Information screen highlighted

Default Shipping/Billing tab:

Header selected in Document Navigator with "Shipping Additional Info" highlighted on Default Shipping/Billing screen

The Shipping Additional Info field highlighted in Green above is actually displayed as “Vendor Instructions” on the print page for encumbrance documents including PO, POGG1, CT, CTGG1, and DO.

The Billing Additional Info field highlighted in orange is not displayed on the print page.

Corresponding location on the print page:

Vendor instructions highlighted on example print document

Creating a print page and sending via email.

The simplest way to create a print page for an encumbrance document is to navigate to the Header Page of the document, open the Print menu at the bottom of the page, click on the drop down menu for Print Output Type and select E-MAIL. Then enter the recipient’s email address in the “Email Address”. You may also enter a unique Email Subject, Message, and Sender’s Email in the fields below. If no Subject, Message, or Sender Email are entered, the recipient will receive the document from an email address at CGI’s domain with the Subject: “Document from Advantage”.

Message composition screen with "print" highlighted
Print screen with "print output type: email" highlighted
Print screen with "email address" and "sender's email" input fields highlighted

If no Subject, Message or Sender's Email address are entered, the recipient will see this:

Example of PDF attachment received via email

Note: It is advisable to send a print page to yourself in order to inspect the document before sending directly to a vendor.