How do I update incorrect values entered on a Solicitation Response (SR) document?

A severe error is returned when a Buyer attempts to cancel a Solicitation Response document after the associated Solicitation has closed.

Screenshot of Error Message: Cannot cancel this response because the Solicitation has already been closed or awarded

This error cannot be overridden. Since most SR’s are entered AFTER a Solicitation has closed, cancelling it to correct the error isn’t going to be an option. The best course of action to make your correction depends on the type of action that is needed.

Wrong Bid Amount

If the wrong bid amount was entered on the Solicitation Response, a new version of the Solicitation Response can be created with the right amount(s). If the original response amount was pulled into an Evaluation (EV) document, that EV draft will have to be discarded and a new EV will need to be created to pull the new SR information into it. Click here for more information regarding the creation of a modified SR.

Wrong Vendor Entry

CORE will not allow a Vendor entry to be updated on a finalized SR. Attempting to do so will yield the following error:

Screenshot of Error Message: Cannot alter the Vendor Code on a Modification

If you have created an SR using the wrong Vendor code, a new SR will need to be created with the correct Vendor code and both entries will need to be loaded into the Evaluation (EV) document. When adding Evaluator Comments to each vendor entry on the EV, a comment will need to be applied to the SR with the incorrect Vendor entry stating that the document was created in error.