How do I resolve the following error on my document:  value too large for column "AFMOWN"."SO_DOC_HDR"."ADDL_INFO" (actual: xxxx, maximum: 1500)?

When information is copied and pasted into CORE from sources outside of CORE, some characters cannot be reconciled by the system.  When this happens, the following characters are inserted repeatedly into blank spaces:  ÿ.

These characters allow fields to bypass their maximum field lengths, which accounts for the (actual: xxxx, maximum: 1500) portion of the error.   These errors are usually generated in the Extended Description of the document header.

Screenshot of Extended Description tab with the Description field filled with ÿ characters.

They are also in the CL/Ext Descriptions under the “General Information” tab of the Commodity section.

Screenshot of General Information tab with the CL Description and Extended Description fields filled with ÿ characters and circled in Green.

Deleting these values in these fields will address these errors.  If any additional assistance is needed in addressing this issue, please contact