How do I reduce a line amount for a CT or PO?

1.      Find your Contract (CT) or Purchase Order (PO) and click on Edit to edit the document.

2.     Navigate to the Commodity section of the document, then highlight the line you want to reduce. 

Screenshot of the Commodity Section highlighted and circled in green. Line 2 is also circled in green

 3.       In the General Information tab, scroll down the page and locate the Open and Closed amounts (for Service) or Open and Closed   Quantity (for Items) at the lower right of the screen. 

a.      If you have a closed amount of $0, then you can reduce the Contract Amount to $0, as no payments have gone out on the document.

Screenshot with Closed Amount field of $0.00 circled in green.


b.      If there is a closed amount on the line, you can only reduce the contract amount to what has already been paid.  This amount is also detailed in the Closed Amount:


Screenshot of Closed Amount field with $5,442.05 circled in green


4.      The Contract amount is located to the left of the Closed/Open Amounts.  For services, lower the contract amount field.  For items, lower the quantity amount until the contract amount field matches the closed amount. 


Quantity and Contract amount input fields highlighted

5.      Navigate to the Accounting section, then lower the amount in the Line Amount section. 

Screenshot of the Accounting section highlighted and circled in green with General Information tab's Line Amount field with $32.224.01 circled in green.

b.      If you have more than one accounting line per commodity line, drop the line amount to whatever is in the Line Closed Amount field of the accounting line:

Screenshot of Line Amount with column Line Closed Amount with $5,442.05 circled in green.

6.      Validate and Submit the updated document.