How do I look up a procurement shipping or billing location?

After logging onto CORE, from the Home page, key into the Jump to: field, PLOC (abbreviation of Procurement Location). Click the “Go” button.

Screenshot of the Jump To field filled in with PLOC and circled in red

This reveals the default page of the PLOC Table. Click the “Search” button (make certain pop-ups are allowed).

Screenshot of the Procurement Location table with the Search link circled in red and the Search screen popped out on the right side.

To reveal the Procurement Locations specific to CDLE, key in the letter “K” and the wild card, or asterisk “*” and click “Go”. This will reveal all of CDLE’s current Procurement Locations.

Screenshot of search results for the Procurement Location table.

NOTE: The Location Type row differentiates between Shipping, Billing, Warehouse and Bid Receiving.