How can I receive alerts about expiring Master Agreements or Statewide Purchasing Agreements? 

To receive CORE alerts about expiring Master or Statewide Purchasing Agreements, Buyers will need to complete two steps in the document creation process. These steps may be recreated after an agreement has been Finalized as a Modification, creating a new document version. 

First, Buyers will need to assign themselves as the Buyer to the Agreement. A recap of how to complete this may be found here

Second, Buyers must be sure to add the desired number of renewal lines to the Agreement document. This can be done by inserting new lines on the Renewal Period page, as seen below:

"Insert New Line" highlighted on General Information screen of Renewal Period

Note: Renewal Period Length and Unit should reflect the standard term of your agreement. Notification Days Prior to Expiration can be customized to the desired timeline.

With these two steps completed in a finalized document, a routine batch-job will automatically create CORE alerts for the listed Buyer. This batch job runs nightly, Monday through Thursday and Buyers will receive alerts directly in CORE once they log in. Buyers can access these alerts as soon as they log in or by going to the Message Center and clicking “Alerts”. Alerts will look like:

Demonstration of message alert (prompt) with OK and Cancel options
Alert screen showing new alert identified by a checkmark and differently colored background