What files may be attached to a CORE document?

Typically, attachments are .PDF, .DOCX, and .XLSX files needed to support a financial or security transaction in CORE. .TXT, .JPG, and .PNG file types may also be attached.

You may not attach .EXE, .BAT, .JS, .SQL, .JAR, or .ZIP files to a CORE document. These are considered a security risk.

Avoiding file upload errors:

1. File names should not include any special characters, spaces, or multiple periods. File names that include characters other than alphanumeric can cause the attachment upload to fail. The following are some examples of filenames that may fail:




1file name.docx

In each of the above cases, renaming the file to filename.docx remediates the problem.

2. Excel files that are in a "Protected View" state will often fail to upload. To resolve this, open the file, click the "Enable Edit" button, then save and close the file.

3. Ensure the file is less than 20MB in size.