How do I resolve the error: "can bind a LONG value only for insert into LONG column"?

The "can bind a LONG value only for insert into a LONG column" could possibly be traced back to the information entered in the Extended Description section of the document header.

Screenshot of Extended Description tab with ¿ characters highlighted in yellow

These highlighted characters (i.e. ¿) are sometimes entered into CORE when information is copied and pasted into CORE from outside sources (PDF, Word, etc). The error thrown is a database error signifying that there are too many characters for the field. The fact that the characters are unrecognized by the system front end may be allowing for more than 1500 characters to be entered but the validation/submission process catches the overpopulation of the field when attempting to submit it.


1) Delete the information currently in the Extended Description field.

2) Copy the needed information in this field from the original source.

3) Paste it to notepad (not Word) to remove any foreign characters.

4) Copy and paste the notepad version of the verbiage back into the Extended Description field.