Where are Billing, Profile, AR Dept, or AR Unit fields coming from in ITI documents?

The Billing Profile, AR Dept, and AR Unit fields in ITI are inferred from the RE document in the Reference Tab of the Accounting Component, rather than being directly entered. Given that RE reference is not allowed in ITIs (Error A241: Doc Reference not allowed), the Billing Profile, AR Dept and AR Unit fields should never be populated in ITIs.

However, due to a CORE defect, these three fields may be populated in the following two scenarios even if nothing is entered in the reference tab:

  1. An RE was once entered then deleted. The Billing profile, AR Dept, and AR Unit fields inferred from the RE are retained even after the RE reference is deleted from the ITI.

  2. The ITI was copied from another ITI with these three fields, so they are carried into the new ITI even if no RE is referenced in the new ITI.

Since this is a moderate defect and does not have accounting effect, it is not going to be fixed until the next CORE update. The good news is that there are workarounds to avoid these fields being populated in ITI as long as users note the following when creating an ITI:

  • If you accidentally entered a reference RE in the ITI, and the Billing profile, AR Dept, and AR Unit fields are inferred upon validation, you should discard the current draft and start a new one to make sure that no reference RE is entered.

  • If you are creating an ITI from copying an existing one – use only those ITIs without the Billing profile, AR Dept, and AR Unit fields as your template.