Error:  Fiscal Year on the Referencing Accounting Line should not be prior to Fiscal Year on Referenced Posting Line (A5074)

Resolution:  This error will appear on an ABDL or CBDL document if the referenced accounting line on the document it was meant to liquidate has the current Fiscal Year and a Period of 1.  This may have occurred if a modification was made to the document after July 1st, but the FY/Period fields were left blank and allowed to infer on their own:

Due to the amount of steps it would take to update the document, then process the ABDL or CBDL in these instances, the easiest method of liquidating the accounting line on the document to be Liquidated would be to do so manually.

To do this, you will want to open a new version of the document, locate the accounting line that needs to be liquidated, then update the Fiscal Year value to the now-closed Fiscal Year, Period 13. Then either reduce the amount to $0 (in cases where no payments have been made) or to the amount paid (see the Line Open Amount field in these instances).  You will also need to lower the total amount in the Commodity section of the document before validating and submitting the document to finish the manual liquidation process.