Fiscal Year End

Lapse Exception Errors

Roll and Contract Roll Errors

All Contract Roll Exception Errors

    • Documents that encountered errors identified on the Contract Roll exception spreadsheets will need to have one or more of the above resolutions applied to them before they can be validated and submitted. Because the Contract Roll process did not allow "Out-year" accounting lines on these documents to be updated properly (Event Type updated from a PR08 to a PR05 and the Reserved Funding setting updated from a "Yes" to a "No"), they will need to be processed manually. To manually process any accounting line set up with a PR08 event type, lower the amount of any PR08 accounting lines on documents identified on the Contract Roll exception document down to $0.00, then insert a new accounting line with the standard PR05 event type and a Reserved Funding setting of "No" and the dollar amount that was on the accounting line that you reduced to $0 for the closing fiscal year.