Error Message A5000 (Budget Line Not Found for Dept/Majr Prog/Period/Fund Prfl/Fund Prty/Fund Line Within Reimbursable Grant Budget)

Error message A5000 is issued when a budget line is not set up for a specific budget structure, which can be identified from the description. Given that Major Program/Program/Period/Funding Profile/Funding Priority/Funding Line is included in the error description, it can be determined that one or more budget lines for structure 39 are missing. Below is how to identify which specific budget line is missing:

  • Click View all to expand all error messages.

  • Select the Line Number with the Error Message A5000, so you will land on the targeted accounting line.

  • Open the Detail Accounting section to identify the Program code to work on.

  • Enter FPI5 (when the Phase field is blank) or FPI2 (when Phase is entered) in the Jump to field and click “Go”, then search by the Program Code identified above to find the funding profile inferred by the program.

  • Click on "View Funding Profile", then go through the funding priority and funding line sections to decide how many funding lines are set up for each priority.

  • Enter BQ39LV2 or BQ40LV2 in the Jump to field and Click “Go”, then search by the program again to see how many budget lines are set up for each priority.

  • Compare the BQ39LV2/BQ40LV2 lines with the funding profile setup to see which funding line is missing. Note that a budget line is needed even if a funding line is set up with a 0% FES in the funding profile.

  • The resolution is to create a BGPDR to set up the budget for the missing budget line.