Error Message A1637 (Total Percentage for ### Does Not Sum to 100)

The Error Message A1637 (Total Percentage for ### Does Not Sum to 100) is issued because the Funding Lines Total percentage for one Priority does not sum to 100.

To correct this error:

  • Enter FPRFLST in the Jump To field.

Screenshot of the Jump to field filled in with FPRFLST
  • Select Go.

  • Enter the Dept and Funding Profile, then select Browse, to get the funding profile with this error.

Screenshot of the Funding Profile Select with Browse circled in red and the fields Department, Major Program and Funding Profile highlighted.
  • Click View Funding Profile (below the search result).

Screenshot of Funding Profile Select within the row the Department, Major Program, Funding Profile and Funding Profile Name are highlighted and the View Funding Profile circled in read
  • Select Funding Priority (on the left side menu), and identify which funding priority has a Total Fund Line % less than 100%.

Screenshot of the Funding Priority Section of the Funding Profile selected and the first line's Total Funding Line % column circled in red
  • Select the Funding Line (on the upper left of your screen) and check the Reimbursement % (in the Reimbursement Options drop-down menu) of each funding line, and correct them to make the total 100%.

Screenshot of Funding Line section of the Funding Profile selected with the Reimb % column on the second row circled in red