Error Message A1633 (Budget Records Not Found at Level 1 of Budget BUD_STRU_39_LVL_1 for Funding Profile (Or Budget BUD_STRU_40_LVL_1) for Funding Profile XXXXXX

The most common reason for Error A1633 is that the budget is not set up for the specified budget structure (39 or 40). Here is what you can do to resolve it:

  • Enter MJPRG into the Jump to Filed and click “Go”.

  • Click “Search” and Enter the Department code and Major Program code in the searching box.

  • Confirm the Reimb Budget to be either 39 or 40 when Split Type is Front End Split.

Screenshot of Major Program Table (MJPRG) with the Reimb Budget and Split Type fields highlighted.
  • Enter BQ39LV2 (for structure 39) or BQ40LV2 (for structure 40) into the Jump to field and Click “Go”, based on the Reimb Budget Structure of the Major Program setup in the MJPRG table.

Screenshot of two Jump to fields with BQ39LV2 and BQ40LV2 filled the field.
  • Enter Program code in the pop-up search box. Click enter.

Screenshot of Reimbursable Grant: Funding Line with the Program field highlighted
  • If nothing is returned, then Error A1633 was issued because budget structure 39/40 is not set up for the program being used. In this case, to resolve the error, process a BDGPDR (structure 39) or BGPHR (structure 40) for the program.

  • If there are budget lines returned, you'll want to compare the budget lines and Funding Profile setup in the FPRFLST Table. The Error A1633 may be due to:

    • The "Overflow Priority" was checked in the Funding Priority Section and should not have been.

Screenshot of the Funding Profile Table (FPRFLST) with the Overflow Priority field highlighted and a checked, but with a red X through the checkbox
    • A structure 39/40 budget line (BGPDR/BGPHR) is needed for each funding line, even for those with 0% reimbursement.

Screenshot of Funding Profile Funding Line Summary with the Reimb % columns last to rows of the column highlighted with 0.00%
  • If the error A1633 is still issued after trying all of the above, you'll want to contact the CORE Help Desk at