CORE Governance Mission and Purpose


The mission of the CORE Governance Committee is to optimize the CORE system through broad employee engagement and implement best practices using an enterprise-wide approach.

The guiding principles include leveraging industry best practices, minimizing customization, relying on system configuration, avoiding redundant systems, inclusion of all stakeholders, and transparency.

The scope includes Accounting, Budget, Procurement, and Grants and all the functionality for these areas and managing interfaces in and out of CORE. For CORE modules, the scope includes:

  • Financials (FIN)

  • Vendor Self Service (VSS)

  • Performance Budgeting (PB)

  • Labor Allocation: Human Resources Management (HRM)

  • InfoAdvantage (IA)


The purpose of the CORE Governance Committee is to:

  • Prioritize and address present issues with CORE

  • Implement statewide optimal use of CORE

  • Enhance CORE's existing functionality

  • Strengthen communication to users and management

  • Approve policies and procedures following statewide best practices

  • Approve training approach

  • Establish task force(s) review of current task force(s) to determine impact of the objective of this group

  • Act as liaison to various boards, task forces, committees, departments and teams

  • Facilitate future release schedule

  • Identify the future road map for CORE