Mission, Guiding Principles, and Scope

The mission of the CORE Governance Committee is to optimize the CORE system through broad employee engagement and implement best practices using an enterprise-wide approach.

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CORE Governance Committee (CGC) Information

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Department Members - Term Limited

Tanya Olsen

    • Department Controller - Public Safety

    • Voting Member

Jerrod Cotosman

    • Department Controller - Health Care Policy & Financing

    • Voting Member

Patricia Nord

    • Budget Liaison -CPW / DNR

    • Voting Member

PJ Johnson

    • Department Budget Director - Governor's Office

    • Voting Member

Shari Ashley

    • Purchasing and Contracts Director - Economic Development & International Trade

    • Voting Member

Holly Hammel

    • Department Procurement Official - Corrections

    • Voting Member

Department Members - Other Members

Bob Jaros

    • OSC State Controller

    • Voting Member

Tammy Nelson

    • OSC Deputy State Controller

    • Voting Member

Kyle Schlenker

    • OSC CORE Operations Director

    • Voting Member

Sandy Schweitzer

    • OSC Purchasing & Contracts

    • Voting Member

Jeffrey Kahn

    • OSC Financial Reporting and Analysis

    • Voting Member

Rick Brough

    • OSC Financial Operations Consultant/CGC Administrator

    • Non-Voting Member

Kelly Brooks

    • OSC CORE Operations Training & User Support

    • Non-Voting Member

Tanya Chaffee & Lei Zhu

    • OSC CORE Operations/Change Advisory Board - Approved Subject Matter Experts

    • Non-Voting Members

Lori Kassmeier

    • OIT Subject Mater Expert

    • Non-Voting Member