** CORE Upgrade Update **

Update to CORE System Change Management Process 

The CORE Governance Committee (CGC) and the Performance Budget Steering Committee (PBSC) are committed to enhancing the CORE user experience via the upgrade with intentional collaboration, communication, and coordination across stakeholders. We will achieve this by temporarily modifying the process for receiving, reviewing, and accepting CGC/PBSC requests. 

During the CORE Upgrade: 

     Minimal changes will be permitted: statutory configuration, standard interfaces, severe patches, and statutory-driven training collateral 

Approximately 3 Months before going live - full change freeze for all areas 

Agencies can continue to submit CORE Governance Committee (CGC) or Performance Budget Steering Committee (PBSC) requests which will be addressed after go-live of the Upgrade 

CORE and Performance Budgeting cyclical processes will be achieved per normal schedule and approach 

Any exceptions to the above will require CGC or PBSC approval

These changes are effective December 1, 2022. 

The CORE Operations Team will be using an Agile approach with different deliverables for each 2-week sprint. The schedule is still under development, but in the meantime, we invite you to consider being a Change Champion. If you are interested please complete the form located here. After you state your interest, the CORE Operations Team will be contacting you with more details. 

Mission, Guiding Principles, and Scope

The mission of the CORE Governance Committee is to optimize the CORE system through broad employee engagement and implement best practices using an enterprise-wide approach.

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CORE Governance Committee (CGC) Information

Department Members - Term Limited

Tanya Olsen

Jerrod Cotosman

Patricia Nord 

PJ Johnson

Shari Ashley 

Elizabeth Wills

Department Members - Other Members

Bob Jaros

Tammy Nelson

Kyle Schlenker

Sandy Schweitzer 

Jeffrey Kahn

Rick Brough

Kelly Brooks

Tanya Chaffee & John Stark

Lori Kassmeier