CORE Governance

Mission, Guiding Principles, and Scope

The mission of the CORE Governance Committee is to optimize the CORE system through broad employee engagement and implement best practices using an enterprise-wide approach.

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CORE Governance Committee (CGC) Information

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Department Members - Term Limited

Tanya Olsen

    • Department Controller - Public Safety

    • Voting Member

Jerrod Cotosman

    • Department Controller - Health Care Policy & Financing

    • Voting Member


    • Department Budget Director - Personnel & Administration

    • Voting Member

PJ Johnson

    • Department Budget Director - Governor's Office

    • Voting Member

Daniel Huse

    • Department Procurement Official - Agriculture

    • Voting Member

Holly Hammel

    • Department Procurement Official - Corrections

    • Voting Member

Department Members - Other Members

Bob Jaros

    • OSC State Controller

    • Voting Member

Tammy Nelson

    • OSC Deputy State Controller

    • Voting Member

Kyle Schlenker

    • OSC CORE Operations Director

    • Voting Member

Michelle Arnold

    • OSC Purchasing & Contracts

    • Voting Member

Jeffrey Kahn

    • OSC Financial Reporting and Analysis

    • Voting Member

Rick Brough

    • OSC Financial Operations Consultant/CGC Administrator

    • Non-Voting Member

Kelly Brooks

    • OSC CORE Operations Training & User Support

    • Non-Voting Member

Tanya Chaffee & Lei Zhu

    • OSC CORE Operations/Change Advisory Board - Approved Subject Matter Experts

    • Non-Voting Members

Lori Kassmeier

    • OIT Subject Mater Expert

    • Non-Voting Member