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Why am I getting an Unallowable Match Identification error when I try to manually reduce my encumbrance document?

The “Unallowable Match Modification” error typically appears when a user attempts to lower a line amount on an encumbrance document for the purposes of liquidating it, but there is an Invoice (IN) and/or Receiver (RC) document that has invoiced or received for an amount greater than the amount the user is trying to enter into the line.  These mismatches can occur for several reasons (three way matches were not fully completed to generate a payment, PRM document failures, etc.), but until the Invoiced and Paid amounts match the new amount on the commodity line (in the case of 2 way matches) or the Invoiced/Received/Paid amounts the match the new amount on the commodity line (in the case of 3 way matches), these errors will not go away.

The following instructions detail the process of reducing these outstanding amount(s) to allow the liquidation of the document to be processed:

1) Identify the commodity line with the error(s), then navigate to the matching tab of the commodity section for each line.  This will tell you how much has been Invoiced, Received and Paid against a line (Note: If you have more than one of these errors on your document, please document them all before moving to the next step):

2) Navigate to the ‘MATA’ (Matching Status) table and look up the document with the errors by selecting “Search”, entering your search criteria, then selecting “OK” link.

3) Once your document has been pulled up, you will see all IN, RC and PRM documents associated with the entire document.  To view all documents associated with a specific line, highlight the line in the pane towards the top of the page, then select “Matching Status for only Selected Award Line”.

4) Only documents associated with that specific line will be displayed.


5) Once you have identified the Receiver or Invoice document that is causing the overage, it can be modified or cancelled to remove the amount from your document.  Please note that in cases where other lines exist on an Invoice or Receiver that contain the line that needs to be lowered, then the document cannot be cancelled.  Instead, you will need to lower the amount associated with that line in a new version of the document, then validate and submit it to a status of ‘Final’.

5a. In the case of Invoices, you will need to create a new version of the Invoice, and then navigate to the corresponding Commodity line in the Commodity section.    The information in the reference tab will indicate which line on the encumbrance document is tied to the line on the invoice.

5b. Navigate to the ‘Commodity Information’ tab and update either the ‘Invoiced SC Amount’ (typically for Services) field or the ‘Invoiced Quantity’ (typically for Goods) to reduce the amount you are trying to clear from the Matching section of the encumbrance document.  From there, you should be able to validate and submit the document.



Some Invoice documents will require you to enter a condition in the ‘Condition’ field when dropping a line amount to 0.


5c. In the case of Receiver documents, the line referenced on the encumbrance document can be seen under the General Information tab of the Commodity section.

This is also where you will update your received amounts (if necessary) by either updating the information in the ‘Received Qty’ field or in rare cases, the ‘Received SC Amount’ field.  Like the Invoice document, you may have to enter a condition to proceed in these with submitting the document.

6) Once your amounts have been updated and any Invoice documents have been approved, you should be able to validate your encumbrance document as needed. 

Please email with any follow up questions.