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How do I view questions about a Solicitation posed in ColoradoVSS and how do I answer them?

Solicitation questions posed by Vendors in ColoradoVSS can be viewed in CORE on the Question and Answer Detail (SOQA) page. 

To navigate to this page, enter SOQA in the Jump To at the top of the page, then select “Go” (1).  Once at the SOQA page, enter your Solicitation information in the fields provided (2), then select Browse (3) and your Solicitation will appear, along with links at the bottom.  Select the Answer? link provided (4) to proceed to the questions associated with the Solicitation.

Although CORE allows for a buyer to respond to a Vendor’s questions using this functionality, when responding to these inquiries, it is recommended to do so in the form of a Question and Answer attachment on a new version of your Solicitation in the CORE system, because responses generated in the Q & A section do not generate email notifications to Vendors, but creating a new version of your Solicitation with an attachment containing questions with answers to them will. 

The attached Q & A document will also need to be identified in the “Additional Information” section of your Solicitation.  Once your modified solicitation has been finalized, Vendors will receive an email notification alerting them to the solicitation update. The information entered in the “Additional Information” section of their Solicitation should direct them to the new Q & A document.