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How do I cancel a Solicitation?

To Cancel a Solicitation:

Open the most recent copy of a Solicitation, then select the “Discard” button located in the bottom/left side of the screen.  This will generate an alert window that states the following “You have selected to discard the current document version.  If that was your intention, select OK . If not, select to return to the Document.”  Select OK provided on this alert, and a Cancellation version of your draft will be created:

a. Before selecting “Discard”:

b. After selecting “Discard”:


c.       After selecting OK on the Alert box:

Make necessary updates to your cancellation document before validating and submitting it. Cancellation versions of Solicitation documents do not allow for editing of most fields, however, CORE will allow you to attach a document to your cancellation draft that identifies your reason for cancellation.  Attaching this information provides a reason for the cancellation to Vendors viewing the Solicitation in ColoradoVSS.  To attach this document, first create it, then:

a. Add an attachment from the File option in the lower/right hand side of the screen:


b. Select “Upload” from the following page:


c. Choose your document using “Browse” , then select “Upload”:

d.       Once your attachment appears under the “File Name” header, select “Return to Document”:


Validate and submit your document to “Final”:

Once the hourly batch job has run to ColoradoVSS, your document will show as cancelled in the system and your reason for cancellation document will be accessible via the “Attachments” section of the document:

a. Initial view of the document in ColoradoVSS:

b. View of “Attachment” section with available Cancellation document: