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How do I send email notifications to Vendors that are not registered for the Commodity Codes on my Solicitation?

The “Commodity E-mail Push” section of a Solicitation can be used to generate Solicitation notification emails to Vendors not registered for the commodity lines on your Solicitation.

Once in this section, the “Insert New Line” button can be used to insert new lines into this section.

The commodity code values can then be manually entered into the provided cell.

The  “Picklist” icon to the right of the Commodity cell can also be used to pull up a series of filters to narrow your search.


When using the search filters, always set the “Active” dropdown menu to “Yes” to ensure only active codes are applied (Vendors cannot register for inactive codes).  Once your search parameters have been set, select “Browse” to yield your results.  For a comprehensive breakdown of this section as well as commodity code search techniques, take the our online Commodity Code multi-media training located here.