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How do I cancel a document, and what are the restrictions for doing so?

Documents can be cancelled by opening the most recent (Finalized) copy of the document,  then selecting “Discard”, located at the bottom/left of the screen.  This will generate an alert window that states the following “You have selected to discard the current document version.  If that was your intention, select OK.  If not, select to return to the Document.”  Select "OK" on this alert and a Cancellation version of your document will be created.

Before selecting “Discard”

After selecting “Discard”:

After selecting OK on the Alert box:

Once your Cancellation draft has been validated, submitted, and approved, it will:

  • Liquidate all open funds on your accounting lines (if the document is an RQS or Award)
  • Cancel your Solicitation in ColoradoVSS  
  • Reverse associated matching on your award (if it’s an RC or IN document). 

In order for a cancellation to work, the documents can’t be copied forward to an award (if it’s an RQS), have any funds paid against it (if it’s an award) or any lines that resulted in a match and payment (if it’s an IN or RC).