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How do I assign myself as the “Buyer” associated with a Requisition (RQS) or Solicitation?

If a RQS is not manually assigned to a Buyer before the RQS is copied forward to your Solicitation, the manager of your “Buyer Team” will be inferred as the Buyer (owner) of the Solicitation in CORE and ColoradoVSS.  This is also happens on standalone Solicitations created without an RQS.

Buyer associations can be checked by looking at the General Information section of your RQS or Solicitation.  An entry with information in the “Buyer Team” and “Manager” fields, but no information in the “Buyer” field, indicates a document that has not yet been assigned to a Buyer.

Buyer information can also be confirmed under the “Contact” tab of a RQS or Solicitation:



The Buyer assigned to your RQS or Solicitation can be updated before the RQS is copied forward to a Solicitation (so that the correct Buyer is automatically inferred to the Solicitation), or after the Solicitation is published (to ensure the correct Buyer is posted in ColoradoVSS. 

If the Buyer information is updated after the Solicitation is published, you will not have to make any modifications to the Solicitation in order for the correct Buyer information to be passed to ColoradoVSS:

To update a Buyer assigned to your RQS or Solicitation:

1)   Navigate to the Procurement Folder which houses your RQS or Solicitation.  Then select the “Update Procurement” link above the “General Information” section of the folder:

2)   On the following page, delete the entries in the Manager and Buyer Team fields, then enter your user id in the Buyer field and select the OK button at the bottom of the screen.



3)   When you are returned to the previous page, you will see that you are listed as both Buyer and Manager of the Procurement:

If you have updated this Buyer information after an associated Solicitation has been published, you will see that the Buyer information under the “Contact” tab will be updated with no needed modifications to the Solicitation: