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Why am I unable to access/connect to CORE?

If you are unable to access/connect to CORE, it may be that you are using a browser that is not supported.

The following browsers are supported for CORE:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and 9 for Windows

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 (must be in compatibility mode) for Windows

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

  • Mozilla Firefox 10 ESR for Windows (With popup blocker disabled)

Java is required for accessing CORE websites.

If you have verified that you are using a supported browser, you may need to clear your browser history (clear your cache).

For Internet Explorer:

  • Go to Tools 
  • Select Internet options 
  • Select Browsing History 
  • Select "Delete"  

For Firefox:

  • Open Firefox 
  • Navigate to the "Options" panel (top right) and select Options
  • Navigate to "Advanced" and then to "Network"  
  • Under Cached Web Content, Select the "Clear Now" Button