How do I correct Error Message A1631 (Funding Profile Cannot Be Inferred for Accounting Line 1)?

Error Message A1631 typically means that the Cost Accounting Setup is not complete for a specific program.  The following tables need to be checked in order to find out which table is not set up correctly:

  • MJPRG Table:  Confirm that the Reimb Budget is set up as 39 (grant) or 40 (project) and Split Type is Front End Split (which are found under the "General Options" drop-down menu)

  • PROG Table: Confirm that Reimbursement Eligible flag is checked in the "General Information" section

  • FPI5 (grant) or FPI2 (project): Confirm that the Program is entered, in the Program field, to tie to a funding profile, and that "Eligible" is selected under the Reimb Eligible option 

  • FPRFLST Table: Confirm that the Reimb Eligible flag is checked under the "Reimbursement Options" drop-down menu