How can I identify the source expense of an Receivable (RE) or Internal Exchange Transaction (IET) that is created from a reimbursement?

Reimbursement REs/IETs do not reference the source expense documents. If an RE/IET is created from the automated reimbursement process, the Reimbursement History (REIMHST) table is where you will see the source expense documents.

To use the REIMHIST Table to see the source expense documents for an RE/IET:

  • Enter "REIMHIST" in the Jump To Field
  • Click "Go"
The REIMHIST Table will appear. The Search box, containing several search options, will appear. (Note: If using more than one parameter in a search field, you can enter them together, separating them by commas. Also, an asterisk, "*", may be used as a wild card search). 

Once you have entered your search criteria, select OK on your screen, or hit Enter on your keyboard, to see your results. (Note: To return to the search field to complete an additional search, you must select Search on your screen).

In the following example, cash expense documents for two different REs are identified, by searching by both Department and Reimbursement Request Document ID.

In the following example, the CR and RE or IET created for a specific expenditure is identified, by searching by Reimbursed Document Code, Reimbursed Document Department, and Reimbursed Document ID.

In the following example, all REs/IETs created for a Program on a specific date are identified, by searching by Department, Program, and Reimbursement Date.