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Solicitations Key Terminology

Key Terms/ Codes     Extended Description Business Purpose
DQ1 Documented Quote     Solicitations for goods/services less than $150,000 
EV   Evaluation Used to gather and evaluate solicitation responses 
IFB1 Invitation for Bids Solicitation for goods/services greater than $150,000 
PRCUID Procurement ManagementDept Buyer Queue to management procurement process- Requisition to Award 
NCS1Notice of Contractor SettlementNotification of Construction Project completion 
NPSS1Notice of Proposed Sole Source Notifications to vendor community of a proposed Sole Source 
RFIRequest for Information Request for Information that does not result in an Award 
RFPRequest for ProposalSolicitation for goods and services greater than $150,000 
RFQRequest for Quotes Request quotes from Vendor Lists 
RFQ1Request for QualificationsSolicitation for construction vendors to evaluate 
SRSolicitation ResponseThe entry of vendor responses to solicitations 
VSSVendor Self Service A portal that vendors will access for State Business Opportunities