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Award Key Terminology

Key Terms/ Codes    Extended Descriptions Business Purpose 
CTContractContract Issuance
CTGG1Contract Grants GivenSubrecipient Grants Contract Issuance
DODelivery OrderOrder processed against an MA or SPA1
MAMaster AgreementThe agreement used by Dept to formalize terms, conditions, pricing, etc.
MAE1Master Agreement ExternalCDOT and Institutions of Higher Education Award document
POPurchase OrderPurchase Order Issuance
POGG1Purchase Order Grants GivenSubrecipient Grants Purchase Order Issuance
PRCUIDProcurement ManagementDept Buyer Queue to management procurement process - Requisition to Award
SPA1State Price AgreementThe agreement used Centrally by the State Purchasing Office and OIT to formalize terms, conditions, pricing, etc.