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Commonly Used Event Types

 Event Type    Event Name Applicable Payment Document  Business Purpose
AP01Authorized Normal PaymentGAX, PRC, PRM, PRCI, PRMI, PRC1Debit to Expense and Credit to Liability (cash is impacted when EFT or warrant has cleared the bank)
XR02Authorized Pre PaymentGAX, PRC, PRC1Debit to PRepaid Balance Sheet Account and Credit to Liability (will require JV document to record expense)
AP06 Authorized Deposit RefundGAXDebit to Asset and Credit to Liability.  Use to record a deposit refund. Must be used with AR21 to clear accounting
AP10 Authorized Earned Revenue RefundGAXDebit to Earned Revenue and Credit to Liability. Must be used with a prior event of AR02 to clear accounting
AP17 Liability Payout AuthorizationGAXDebit to Liability and Credit to Liability
AP18 Asset Payout AuthorizationGAXDebit to Asset and Credit to Liability