Accounts Payable

Job Aids

      The following Job Aids are located on the Central Management Unit page of the OSC website.

      • Employees
        • Setting Up an Employee for Travel Reimbursement 
        • Employee Record Change Process 
      • EFTs
        • EFT Set-Up Change Process 
        • Is Your Vendor Set-Up for EFT and Remittance Advice Process 
        • Pre-Populated IDS Request Form for EFT Letter Request 
        • Request and Setup Vendors for EFT Payments 
      • Warrants
        • Warrant Escheatment Guide
        • Affidavit of Lost Warrant 
        • How to Find a Warrant Number in CORE 
        • Reviewing the Status of Your Request (Warrant Cancellation or Reissue) 
        • Warrant Reissue/Cancellation Process 
      • Vendors
        • Address Add Process 
        • Address Change Process 
        • How to Find a Vendor, Customer, or Vendor Acting Under Their Doing Business As (DBA) Name in the VCUST Table 
        • Federal Reporting Guidance 
        • Legal Name Change/TIN Correction 
        • Remove Vendor Hold/Activate a Discontinued Vendor 
        • PERA Retiree Independent Contractors Paid Out of CORE 
      • Vendor Intercepts
        • Vendor Intercept Guidance

        Step Action Tables