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NIST Testing

Testing for the CORE NIST Upgrade has been underway. The following tests have been completed:

Basic Connectivity Test

The CORE NIST Basic Connectivity Test was to ensure that each agency's physical locations will not have any issues connecting to the CORE NIST environment on April 1, 2018. The connectivity test was successful, with the majority of agency locations being able to connect to the CORE NIST environment, with the exception of Judicial Agencies and the Department of Transportation (CDOT). This impacts 29 users at CDOT, and 19 at the various Judicial Agencies. We are working with the IT offices at the Judicial Agencies to resolve the connection issue, and CDOT users will be granted zscaler access. An additional connectivity test for all agencies prior to go-live is currently under consideration.

infoAdvantage Departmental Reports Test

The infoAdvantage NIST Departmental Reports Test was to ensure that departments are able to connect to, and access, their departmental reports, and that there are no issues with departmental reports. The test was successful. Departments are encouraged to continue testing their departmental reports, and report their results here.

Zscaler Users

Zscaler testing began on Monday, March 19, 2018. If you are a Zscaler user, and you received the testing request, you will complete both the Basic Connectivity and Departmental Reports tests. As of Monday, March 26, 2018, the zscaler testing had a 78% success rate.

Mock Cutovers

A mock cutover, or practice of the upgrade, has been completed with no identified issues.