About CORE

Colorado Operations Resource Engine, or CORE, is an integrated financial management system that replaced the State’s previous 22-year-old accounting system in July of 2014. CORE tracks the State’s $29 billion in annual expenditure transactions, pays vendors, records payroll, supports the collection of about $9 billion in grant revenues, and applies $8 billion of tax revenues – to name just a few of its key functions.

CORE replaced a number of stand-alone, aging or redundant systems with a single source of reliable and transparent fiscal data for the majority of the State’s financial operations. CORE integrates the State’s accounting, budget and procurement functions, which enables more seamless operations, 
higher reliability of data and less data reconciliation across systems. New reporting capabilities and additional kinds of data capture are possible in CORE. CORE improves the State’s ability to better meet its long-standing commitment to fiscal discipline, financial accountability, government transparency and cost beneficial controls.